Success with Circuit

Sound Look benefits from Circuit to drive innovation and success.

A Sound Look gains dynamic work experience with Circuit

A global company in the tech sector, A Sound Look, has found many benefits from using Circuit technology to drive innovation and success. It was really no surprise because the 20-year-old firm provides out-of-the-box solutions for network systems, and so it makes sense the company would have high expectations for its workplace technology.

Leonard Pascual, president and chief executive officer for A Sound Look, said: “Circuit makes it easy for me to instantly reach out and collaborate with my teams around the world. Now, they can streamline their workflow and accumulate all their data and conversations in one central Circuit conversation, so we’re all on the same page,” he said. “Across the board, usage of email has significantly decreased. Circuit has enabled us to take our productivity to the next level.”

The Task

With virtual team members distributed throughout the United States and the Philippines, A Sound Look required a communication and collaboration solution that was easy-to-use, would help them make faster decisions, and help build cohesiveness amongst team members no matter what the place, or the time zone. The company chose Circuit because of its robust functionality and ability to support a diverse range of employees and clientele in the Baltic nations, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

The Solution is a Success

Based on years of intensive study about how people work, Circuit brought real-time insights to the company’s conversation streams across voice, texts, videos, screen sharing and document sharing. By contextually aligning communication with business processes, Circuit enabled more efficient and informed workflow, optimising the staff’s ability to leverage conversations into actionable knowledge.

The Benefits

A Sound Look found Circuit eliminated many of the problems associated with #emailfail. For example, it’s estimated it takes approximately 61 emails for people to make one decision at work. With Circuit, all of these steps are eliminated and consolidated into a single stream, where team members have real-time visibility into conversations and information.

As Pascual said: “If you flip through the apps on my phone, you’ll see that I’ve tried them all – and none of them offer what Circuit does in terms of ease of use, efficiency, and scalability. With Circuit, I can feasibly rely only on my iPad when I travel for business and go from using five separate apps to, essentially one. Circuit enables me to communicate face to face with anyone on my team in a matter of seconds, and its contextualised search function allows the team to quickly access relevant information and get looped into conversations. That ‘dead time,’ often attributed to digging through email, is now focused on our productive ideation, technical development, and decision-making.”

Success in optimising everyone’s productivity

Unify’s legacy of developing tailored solutions for its clients resulted in a close partnership with A Sound Look. Together, the two companies identified goals and collaborated on recommendations based on the latest offerings. Circuit’s integrated capabilities such as Connector, Universal Telephony Connector, Microsoft Exchange Contact Connector, Guest access, Meeting Recording, and Circuit Labs, supported A Sound Look’s technical expertise and strong customer service with the solid DNA of the communications software.

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