Green carbon friendly and sustainable

Sustainable communications

“The Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, telephone system solutions provide a greener outcome for our customers through travel avoidance, reduced mobile communications costs and reduced costs to support remote workers. This means you can be assured your communication solution is moving towards a more sustainable future.”

Stuart Edge, Director, On-Line Communications

Unify’s Approach to Going Green

We are happy to say that at On-Line Communications, we sell Unify telephone systems and this company does take its environmental responsibilities seriously. For more information about this take a look here.

Since 1993, Unify has developed products with low energy consumption in mind and, where possible, adopted sustainable, environmental friendly production practices.

Unify has designed communications systems with software, using fewer, industry-standard servers, facilitating tele-working and reducing travel through collaboration solutions which all helps businesses reduce costs and improve performance, while also reducing their carbon footprint by up to 80%.

Good for the environment, good for business

One of the most recently-developed products – OpenScape Voice – requires far fewer servers than competitive offerings, which means less energy and less space. An OpenScape Voice deployment requires as few as two servers for a fully resilient configuration, compared to potentially dozens required for other solutions. This can result in up to 90% less energy consumption, as well as lower maintenance and management costs, which makes it far more sustainable.

OpenStage phones can reduce your energy consumption by up to 60% by using an ultra-efficient stand-by state.

This network infrastructure equipment requires less power, cooling, space and support staff than competitive offerings. Unify is deeply committed to environmental care and protection, and through the use of creativity, technology and skills, is actively helping to set new standards in environmental sustainability. The company’s ideas, technologies and activities, benefit people, society in general, and the environment.

On-Line communications is committed to delivering environmentally friendly and sustainable telecommunications systems and solutions. For more information about this visit us here or call us on (02) 9496 4000 or email us at