On-Line Communications – your SIP and Network provider

A Vocus netwok could be critical to your business's bottom line.

With ISDN on the way out, SIP is the way of the future for all your business network requirements. At On-Line we can provide you with Vocus SIP lines and fibre network so you have a cost effective and reliable solution for all your business needs.

An On-Line network will give you solutions which are faster, more secure, and more reliable than any one-size-fits-all managed service can provide. Think of it as a capital investment in the best core network infrastructure you can find — without all the physical work and upfront costs involved in actually laying cables in the ground.

A network from On-Line could be critical to your bottom line

Our network will give you the infrastructure and support to optimise and manage your connectivity. Within business, it’s vital you have control over these factors in your every day operations. Some businesses tend to take a more passive route and they choose one well-known provider to manage all of their ICT needs – not seeming to care how much the solution costs or how much control they ultimately have to lose over their operations.

But if you’re more strategic and you’re looking for the best products on the market, then look no further. On-Line Communications can provide you with a network solution which is tailored to match the demands of each part of your business.

Because we work with a major network provider – Vocus Communication – we can be sure we can provide a totally reliable network solution.

Call us now on (02) 9496 4000 to find out how we can help you install a network solution which will streamline your entire business operation.