Seamless Mobility

In today’s business world, people need to be in contactable at all hours of the day. With seamless mobility, this becomes a reality – you can reach your staff by dialling one number, regardless of whether they answer on their mobile, their home phone or their office phone.

Stuart Edge, Director, On-Line Communications

What is Seamless Mobility?

In today’s business environment, employees and contractors are expected to be accessible whether they are in the office, in meetings, on the road or working from home. The range of telecommunication networks (fixed line, corporate and mobile networks) and devices (office phone, mobile and PDA) available have made this task more difficult to manage.

Seamless Mobility provides the answer – all communication and information is directed intelligently through a single contact number.

Many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are exploring Seamless Mobility solutions to integrate the array of telecommunication networks and devices in order to deliver improved cost savings, employee accessibility, business productivity and higher levels of customer service.

Business benefits of a Seamless Mobility solution from On-Line Communications

The most compelling reason for any small and medium business to use Seamless Mobility is improved communication and connectivity. Besides improved connectivity, by installing a Seamless Mobility solution from On-Line Communications, many small businesses are benefiting from improved cost savings, enhanced collaboration and greater productivity as they are able to:

  • Provide a more integrated accessible and flexible mobile work force
  • Reduce call costs by seamlessly transferring mobile calls to fixed lines
  • Improve communication contact via single phone number
  • Route calls to and from Customers via the office number
  • Improve communication inefficiencies and telephony barriers

On-Line Communications are the Seamless Mobility solutions experts

On-Line Communications has the expertise to integrate your corporate network with your employees and contractors home and mobile phones. We recognise that each SME business has its own unique integration and mobility challenges and the first step is to fully understand your existing communications networks, devices and communication requirements and then make the appropriate seamless mobility recommendations.

As an Award winning solutions partner for Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, we are focused on delivering flexible Seamless Mobility solutions which will meet your business goals not just today but tomorrow. Read our Real Estate page to see our mobility solution in action.

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