Project Management

Business Phone Solutions Project Management Services

On-Line Communications has proven its ability to deliver professional design, project management and after-sales service. We have the BDMs, engineers and service support staff with the right training, so they are capable of providing the project support required by any customer.

Stuart Edge, Director, On-Line Communications

At On-Line Communications, our Business Development Managers (BDM) and engineers have been trained in the skills, tools and management processes required to undertake and manage a business communication project successfully.

They have the skills – entailing specialist knowledge and experience required to reduce the level of risk within a project and drive the levels of success higher.

They have the tools – these include the documents templates, customer database, planning software and audit checklists.

They have the processes – these are the various management techniques and processes required to monitor and control time, cost, quality and scope on all projects. Examples include time management, cost management, quality management, issue management and risk management.

Combining this knowledge of project management with our consistent and thorough Account Management program (see our page on Account Management), you can be certain of an excellent result when you undertake a telecommunications project with On-Line Communications.

We can ensure the convergence of all components is completed to best practice, with time schedules and quality workmanship designed to meet stated goals.

We provide service and support to hundreds of major companies throughout Australia and these companies have proved to be happy with our high level of support over a period of more than 20 years.

As an Award winning Premium solutions partner for Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, we are focused on delivering flexible and scalable communication project solutions and telephone systems that will meet your business goals not just today but tomorrow. Our unrivalled customer service, technical and development expertise ensures your Business phone project will receive unrivalled support.

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