Account Management

Business Phone System Account Management

We support and manage hundreds of major customers throughout Australia. Over the past 20 years, we have proved our ability to professionally service and manage major accounts, providing the telephony direction, support and management required by any high-level business.

Stuart Edge, Director, On-Line Communications

Our Account Management Philosophy

At On-Line Communications, our Business Development Managers (BDM) look after each customer with a close eye on any new installations or service issues. Each BDM follows these key points:

  • Progress Updates: For a customer’s communication installation, any problems that could potentially impact or delay service installation are monitored. Clear directions on how to get problems resolved quickly are given, i.e. who to call and when.
  • Communication with IT Manager/key contact: Our BDM will check with our customer’s IT Manager or key contact, to ensure things are going well each week at least for the first 30 days of an communication system installation or relocation. Once things are running smoothly, this changes to monthly contact.
  • New Product Updates: Because our BDMs know our customer’s businesses, they will know when On-Line Communications has a new telecommunication product that may be helpful to the customer. They will contact their customers to let them know about this communication product and how it can be implemented.
  • Evaluate Customer Satisfaction Levels: Our BDM will contact our customers once a month and at this time, they will identify the customer’s satisfaction levels and evaluate any issues or concerns with the telecommunication system or solution. If there are any issues, a plan will be put in place to change the situation.
  • Escalation Procedure: For any customers’ problem, On-Line Communications’ account contact number is 1300 783 893 or 02 9496 4000. The email contact is Once a fault is logged, the customer will be updated with a reference number and one of our engineers will be in contact with the customer to resolved any issue.