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Contact Centre Business Phone Solutions

At On-Line Communications, we are Contact Centre specialists. We sell the OpenScape Contact Center Agile module from Siemens and we implement at least four new contact centres each year. We know from our customers’ feedback, they have found it to be extremely helpful for their businesses.

Ashraf Fahmy, Business Development Manager, On-Line Communications

Contact Centre Solutions from On-Line Communications

Customers form an impression of your business based on their total experience and how they are treated throughout the life of the relationship. It is important to have a contact centre solution in place which is easy to integrate, user friendly, easily monitored, measurable and more importantly provides a historical view of all customer interaction.

At On-Line Communications, we sell the OpenScape Contact Center Agile software solution as you can improve your customers’ experience, first time problem resolution and improve the effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of a contact centre’s operations.

Business Benefits of a Contact Centre Solution from On-Line Communications

The high acquisition costs of customers, their increasing value the longer the business association lasts and greater market competition requires Small and Medium Enterprise purchase a comprehensive and extendable contact center solution to meet these objectives. The OpenScape Contact Center Agile solution from Unify. formelry Siemens Enterprise Communications, allows businesses to;

  • Integrate inbound voice, email, IVR self-service and callbacks
  • Interact with customers  more effectively
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increase Revenue and productivity with intuitive Contact Agents
  • Improved Reporting and Monitoring
  • Seamless upgrade to OpenScape Contact Center Agile Enterprise

On-Line Communications is the Small and Medium Business VoIP solutions experts

On-Line Communications has extended its expertise and experience in Enterprise Video Conferencing to the specific requirements of Small and Medium Enterprise. We recognise that each SME business has its own unique communication challenges and the first step is to fully understand your existing communications network, future telephony requirements and then make suitable recommendations.

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