Our Software Support Program

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When you buy a Unify telephone systems you automatically receive three years of the Unify Software Support Program or SSP. This Program means you receive full system support along with software license upgrades so your system stays current and protected at all times.

After the first three years, your Software Support Program for your Unify telephone system has to be renewed annually. This is optional but it’s highly recommended so we can keep your system completely up to-date and protected. If you don’t renew at the time but then you find, later down the track, that you’d like this service, unfortunately the price is much higher than it would be if you renewed earlier.

Supporting and protecting your Unify investment today for tomorrow

When choosing to invest in enterprise software, knowing your investment is protected is critical. You need to make sure you’re always using the latest release of your software and that each release is secure. Plus the cost of using the latest release of software can be an unplanned hit on cash flow. So Unify felt there was a more balanced way to remain current and that’s why it developed its Software Support Program or SSP.

This Program not only ensures your solution is running smoothly, but includes software upgrade entitlement so you always have access to the latest software versions.

What’s included

Your investments are protected with Unify Software Support through a combination of expert technical assistance, software updates, upgrades and access to comprehensive online resources including:

• Telephone and remote technical and maintenance support services. On-Line Communications will have access to Unify’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) so they can provide you with help from Unify’s expert support team who can analyse difficult issues and assist with problem resolution.

• Software application maintenance, minor and major release updates, and upgrades to help make sure your Unify solutions operate smoothly and are always current.

• Anytime, secure access to the comprehensive online troubleshooting tools and resources to accelerate problem resolution.

Peace of mind

For your peace of mind, you’ll know you have expert support standing by today, with upgrades for tomorrow.

To find out more about Software Support for your Unify telephone system, call On-Line Communications on +61 2 9496 4000 and ask for more information. We’ll be happy to give you a quote for your Software System Program.  The price of the program is based on how many IP/TDM licenses your telephone system has and we’ll get this information to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about our Service Contracts just visit here.