Gain access to vital cloud services with a network from On-Line

A Vocus network will give you access to many cloud services.

Why is Cloud Connect your most straightforward path to the cloud?

Your cloud can travel further.

Your cloud can travel further

Our high-performance Ethernet services link into AWS, Azure or IBM Softlayer from anywhere on your network. We also offer Layer 3 connectivity into your IP WAN.

Internet simply can't compete.

Internet simply can’t compete

Enterprise solutions perform faster and more reliably with a private connection across our carrier-grade network.

Bandwidth that's totally yours.

Bandwidth that’s totally yours

You’re guaranteed your own private bandwidth from as little as 50Mbps up to 10Gbps that’s scalable in increments.

Cut your costs - strategically.

Cut your costs – strategically.

Enjoy higher data transfer rates. And when your data-heavy, enterprise applications connect via Cloud Connect, you can also save by reducing your Internet traffic.

Future-proofed convenience.

Future-proofed convenience.

You can enjoy effortless connectivity to any public clouds in our network. Just create an account with your cloud provider, send us the key, and we’ll do the rest for you.

Simplified access to more clouds.

Simplified access to more clouds.

Cloud Connect supports multiple virtual connections over a single Ethernet service, delivering access to many resources within AWS, Azure, and other regional providers.

Network Diagram

  • Point-to-Point Ethernet Connectivity
  • Integration into IP WAN

We don’t try to be everything to every business. Instead, we commit all of our efforts to the solutions that we know will provide your business with a network solution you can rely on. We work with a major network provider, Vocus Communications, so we can do this for you.

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