Deploying Unified Communications (UC) is the foundation to improving Enterprise Collaboration

The rise of the decentralized workplace with multiple office locations, virtual teams and international customers requires almost 24/7 business activity (designing in Sydney, producing in China and selling in Europe).

This 24/7 connectivity means Enterprises have countless ways in which to communicate… phone, webchat, email, voicemail, video and instant messaging.

The problem is, trying to manage them all can become costly and counterproductive. Having to remember several phone numbers, leaving the same message on multiple devices, trying to track down colleagues with the required expertise to take an urgent call, leaves your staff not only frustrated and leaves your customers less than satisfied impression of their importance or value to your company.

At On-Line Communications we have seen Enterprises struggling to find the right solution to improve communication between multiple office locations, offshore production operations and overseas clients and partners.

Unified Communications is increasingly recognized as a potential solution IF deployed correctly.

A Unified Communication (UC) platform that seamlessly integrates people, processes and applications can transform any communications device into an office phone, giving your staff greater flexibility and dramatically reducing your mobile calling costs.

The UC presence functionality, you can check the status of all your contacts (colleagues, customers and prospects) at a glance. Then with UC conference calling, you can simply drag and drop available contacts to make an ad-hoc or dial-in conference call.

More importantly with a Siemens Unified Communications solution you are able to seamlessly;

  • Link multiple office and remote site locations
  • Receive free calls within the corporate WAN network
  • Use a single receptionist for multiple sites and locations
  • Provide advanced calling and routing features for customers and their enquiries
  • Integrate CRM features within VoIP Phone system
  • Employ video and web conferencing applications inexpensively
  • Access corporate communication network and applications from any VoIP IP enabled PC/Laptop
  • Extend VoIP Business telephony system quickly and cheaply

Is a Unified Communications solution right for your Enterprise?

We have helped many companies deploy Siemens Unified Communication Solutions successfully but the initial process is for us to review your existing communication and technical architecture, define your business requirements and end user functionality. Once this has been accomplished, On-Line Communications will then be in a position to recommend the suitability of a UC solution as a platform to improve inter and intra company collaboration and communication.

As an Award winning telephone solutions partner for Siemens and we are focused on delivering flexible communication solutions and telephone systems for large and small Enterprise that will meet your business goals not just today but tomorrow.

Contact On-line Communications today to discuss your VoIP business phone system and UC communication needs.