Do you want a communications partner who understands your working environment? or a telecommunications vendor that just wants to sell a product?

What you may often get is a telecommunications vendor which just wants to sell you a telephone system. This won’t necessarily help you. The communications world has changed and the rise of mobile communications, apps and the anywhere, anytime worker (including BYOD) has presented many organisations with multiple and competing challenges.

Today, senior managers are tasked with improving internal and external project collaboration, increasing sales and at the same time reducing operating costs. This has given rise to directors and project managers trying to bring together a range of social and corporate communication tools.

Take for instance the conference call. As a senior manager, you may be in control of bringing together the virtual team, often without the support of the IT department. Before you even begin to pull the team together, you need to know who is available and what are the integration issues.

What communication platform are you going to use… Voice, data or phone conferencing? Are some team team members able to access the web conferencing tool while others can only listen?

Are you able to integrate the web conference with project document sharing?

At On-Line Communications we come across these issues on a weekly basis. We understand that no two organisations are the same. We understand that a communications solution can only be considered once the environment in which it has to be deployed has been reviewed.

Unlike other communication vendors, we take a consultative approach to deliver a communication solution that can grow and extend with your business demands.

Our solutions are designed to:

  • Improve collaboration and communication via integrated unified communications and a single device philosophy.
  • Improved internal and external communication using voice, video, email and text.
  • Integrate with existing and future corporate applications such as CRM and ERP systems.
  • Improve customer interaction and satisfaction.
  • Standardise user experience across all locations.
  • Reduce ongoing telephony and operational costs.
  • Enhance corporate commitment to carbon friendly solutions – for more information visit here.

Whether you considering deploying a new communication solution or are simply looking to better leverage your existing communication investment, talk to one of Australia’s leading telecommunication consultancies to receive objective and honest advice.

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