Man Answers Call

Our New Callout Application Makes Sure You Don’t Miss That Important Call

The new Callout Application designed by On-Line Communications, ensures your callers reach important out-of-hours support staff in your organisation. Instead of forwarding calls to a mobile, using this Callout Application, you can forward calls to a pilot number which then keeps routing the call to further numbers until it’s answered. This avoids important calls going […]

OpenScape IP 35G text desk phone

The OpenScape IP 35G text desk phone is available in SIP and HFA. Features: 3-Way navigation with an OK button 3 Free programmable keys (pre-programmed and already labelled – for re-labelling please use the Key Labelling Tool) 3 Fixed function keys (Transfer, Conference and Hold) 3 Audio keys (Loudspeaker, Headset and Mute) Volume adjustment with Plus/Minus […]