Worried about Zoom Video’s Security Issues? Just use Circuit

Circuit makes working from home easy.

Right now there’s a lot of concern within the business community about the security level offered by the popular Zoom video conferencing program. Because of COVID-19, we’re all conducting our business meetings via video conference because many of us are working from home but over the past two weeks there have been reports of random people breaking into Zoom meetings.

They’ve coined a term for it – ‘Zoombombing’ – and one of the main people who’s been doing it for a joke is well-known TV and radio personality, Hamish Blake. Last week, he ‘Zoombombed’ a meeting of the Australian Defence Force simply by guessing the code.

The Australian Defence Force removed him from the meeting quickly but understandably, there’s now a lot of concern in the business community in regards to Zoom’s low level of security.

Circuit is an ideal alternative to Zoom

An ideal alternative for Zoom is Circuit – a video conferencing, voice, chat and conversation platform made by the European company, Unify. Because Circuit complies with the European security laws it’s far more secure than Zoom.

In fact, you’d have to generate 1 billion codes every second for 85 years to get a 50% chance of breaking into a Circuit meeting – if guest access is allowed. With Zoom there are only 100,000 codes so it is possible to guess the code. This is how ‘Zoombombing’ exists but it wouldn’t be possible with Circuit.

Another security feature is the fact, once you’re in a Circuit video conference meeting, it can be locked.

In fact, Circuit is much more secure than email, telephone calls or social media.

Circuit is a video conferencing and communication program which is far more secure than Zoom.

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