The top 5 reasons to choose Online Communications when considering your next Enterprise Communication solution

1. We focus on business productivity not just reducing telephony costs.

Reducing communication costs is often a priority for an Organisation but improving employee interaction and fostering improved customer engagement can provide greater long term value. At On-Line Communications we strongly believe if communication solutions are going to deliver value for national companies, they need to deliver much more than reduced telephony costs.

2. We guarantee the  best ongoing technical communication support and maintenance

At On-Line Communications, we have a team of qualified service staff and in-house engineers who are on-hand from 8.30am to 5.00pm each business day, to answer your telecommunication service calls or emails. Our team of Engineers, led by our Managing Director Stuart Edge, have a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure your Siemens Communication Solution is performs to the highest levels ensuring you are to focus on your business goals.

3. Yes, a communications company that takes the time to understand your business – today and tomorrow

Our considered approach has always been to focus on the value we can deliver by understanding your enterprise business goals and business processes first, before proposing a communication.

We understand that EVERY business Enterprise, small and large, has its own unique requirements and infrastructure constraints. We have the processes and project management techniques required to monitor and control time, cost, quality and scope on all projects.

This is especially important on Enterprises that have multiple office locations and in some cases overseas parent companies.

We pride ourselves on our consultative approach.

4. Unrivalled technology expertise – we utilize the latest technology.

At Online Communications we strongly believe that for communication solutions to deliver value for Enterprise they need to deliver a flexible architecture that supports multichannel and cross-channel conversations and at the same time integrate with a range of business application interfaces.

We understand the explosion in social platforms and smart phone adoption and the demands this put on Enterprises.

5. Celebrating 20 successful years of operation with the Communication Industry

On-Line Communications has supplied and continues to support hundreds of major businesses and organisations, in a variety of Industry sectors, throughout Australia.

Over the past 20 years the company has been in business, On-Line Communications has proven its ability to design, implement, deliver and maintain best-in-class communication solutions.

As an Award winning telephone solutions partner for Siemens Enterprise Communications we are focused on delivering flexible communication solutions and telephone systems for large and small Enterprise that will meet your business goals not just today but tomorrow.

Contact On-line Communications today to discuss your business phone system and UC communication needs.