What is a VoIP Business Phone System?

Many of our Small and Medium Business clients are migrating to either VoIP only systems and/or a combination of PSTN and ISDN technology for improved cost savings, employee productivity and improved customer service.

Stuart Edge, Director, On-Line Communications

Put simply a Business VoIP Phone System (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows your business to make voice calls and use voice messaging applications over the internet, by passing traditional telephone networks and business phone systems.

Many Large and Small Businesses are migrating to either VoIP only Business Phone systems and/or a combination of traditional PSTN and ISDN Business Phone Systems and VoIP Phone technology to deliver improved cost savings, employee productivity and customer service.

Research by IDC suggests that “enterprises are continuing to leverage the next-generation communication technology to facilitate greater efficiencies and reduce the overall operational costs”

Business benefits of a Business VoIP Phone System from On-Line Communications

The most compelling reason for any Large or Small business to use a Business VoIP Phone System is the immediate telephony cost savings. Besides cheaper VoIP phone calls, by installing a VoIP Business phone system from On-Line Communications, many small and large businesses are benefiting from improved business communication, collaboration and productivity as they are able to:


  • Link multiple office and remote site locations
  • Receive free calls within the corporate WAN network
  • Use a single receptionist for multiple sites and locations
  • Provide advanced calling and routing features for customers and their enquiries
  • Integrate CRM features within VoIP Phone system
  • Employ video and web conferencing applications inexpensively
  • Access corporate communication network and applications from any VoIP IP enabled PC/Laptop
  • Extend VoIP Business telephony system quickly and cheaply


On-Line Communications is the Small and Medium Business VoIP solutions experts

All our VoIP Business Phone Systems and Solutions are supported by a dedicated and experienced support team with extensive VoIP telecommunications and telephony industry experience and expertise.

As an Award winning Premium solutions partner for Siemens Business VoIP Phone Systems and Solutions we are focused on delivering flexible and scalable VoIP business phone telephone systems and solutions that will meet your business goals not just today but tomorrow. Our unrivalled customer service and technical expertise ensures your VoIP Business phone system and solution will receive unrivalled support and back up.

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