Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Siemens Contact Center

Take a look at the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Siemens OpenScape Contact Center Agile.This is an area that On-Line Communications specialises in, implementing at least four new major Contact Centers each year.


1)    The ease of use factor is high with the Siemens OpenScape Contact Center Agile solution so agents for this Contact Centre are able to interact more easily and comfortably with their customers.

2)    This Contact Center integrates seamlessly with inbound voice calls, email, IVR self-service and callbacks.

3)    Features like universal queuing, routing and tracking of voice, email and web, plus comprehensive reporting, allow this Contact Center to improve contact center agents’ efficiency and effectiveness.

4)    This ease of use ultimately ends up giving your customers a good first impression of your company and your staff.

5)    This Contact Center increases revenue by enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction. One way it does this is by integrating seamlessly with most popular CRMs – including Microsoft CRM, Oracle and SalesForce.

6)    This Contact Center has intelligent routing which allows you to decide the most efficient way to answer each contact and to ensure the customer is directed to the most qualified person to handle the call.

7)    This Contact Center is fully scalable, able to accommodate small 10-agent environments, right up to large, 1500-agent contact centers.

8)    This Contact Center increases First Contact Resolution (FCR) by allowing all agents to see each other’s current status. If an agent is unsure of the answer to a query, they are able to include another agent in the call and they can pick the right agent because they can see who is available.

9)    This Contact Center has the ability to expand your operations to home-based agents, branch offices or overflow groups at backup locations, so the customer is always answered!

10)  This Contact Center has innovative productivity tools for use by administrators, supervisors and agents, keeping everyone happy throughout the day.

“At On-Line Communications, we are Contact Centre specialists. We sell the OpenScape Contact Center Agile module from Siemens and we implement at least four new contact centres each year. We know from our customers’ feedback, they have found it to be extremely helpful for their businesses.”

Ashraf Fahmy, Business Development Manager, On-Line Communications