A unified communication platform to meet the collaboration challenges of a national medical company

One of the recent trends we have seen at On-Line Communications is the growing frustration senior executives and business owners are experiencing when meeting the communication challenges of the decentralised enterprise, especially within the medical sector.

The need for more medical services has not only seen a rise in a smaller regional medical office locations throughout Australia, but an increasing dependence for larger medical companies on specialist contractors, consultants and client partnerships. The result? Sometimes just toom many applications and communication channels to manage with any success.

It’s no surprise then, the most common question asked by business owners is;” How do we bring all these locations, platforms and personnel together AND actually improve communication?”

The answer? A unified communication platform which seamlessly integrates people, processes and applications.

On-Line Communications was recently engaged by a global engineering organisation to provide a communication platform for its Australian subsidiary and multiple remote office operations.
The key imperative was to foster communication between the European Head Office, remote office operations, clients and partners.

After reviewing the technical architecture requirements and end user functionality, On-Line Communications was able to build a unified communication platform which facilitates improved inter and intra company collaboration by leveraging Unified Communication channels such as:

  • Calling via any device
  • Chat and Instant Messaging
  • Web and Video Conferencing
  • Microsoft Outlook (Email) integration
  • Integration with corporate ERP and CRM applications

However, for unified collaborative platform success in a decentralised corporate environment with ad hoc access for partners and clients, the proposed solution needs to ensure that key
foundations such as; presence awareness, user directories, software application integration (such as MS Outlook) and security profiles are compulsory.

At On-Line Communications we strongly believe that for communication solutions to deliver value for larger medical companies with offices throughout Australia, they need to deliver a flexible architecture supporting multichannel and cross-channel conversations – and at the same time integrating with a range of business application interfaces.

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