Phone call or click? Where does the customer journey really start in building their dream project home?

Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective project home buyer today. How do they decide which project home builder to go with? The number of options available can be confusing and overwhelming. The result; a high percentage of customer decisions are made on emotion.

Does your Project Home Company have an effective customer engagement strategy to ensure success?

You only need visit the many display villages in Greater Sydney to get an idea of how competitive the project home building market is. One beautiful display home after another, often competitively priced against each other.

After an hour or so they all begin to look the same. So much for making the customer decision easier!

So what do the Project home builders do to differentiate themselves from one and other?

If the budget allows, they develop and launch integrated TV, print and online media marketing campaigns to promote their home designs and/or house and land packages.

Hopefully, this generates enquiries and foot traffic to their display homes. Unfortunately, there is a competitor display home just around the corner. The chance of success? 50/50.

Enter the smarter project home builder.

This project home builder understands the key to converting this prospect into a customer is to build an emotional relationship and position themselves as the preferred choice in the customer decision making / evaluation process.

The steps to success?

Simply connect and engage with the customer at the earliest opportunity by phone, utilizing a multi-channel communication platform.

By ensuring all marketing campaigns, for example print advertising and social media campaigns, have location specific toll free numbers or clear online ‘call’ to actions makes it seamless for the customer to contact the appropriate expert or signal a request to be contacted.

For national or statewide project home builders it is critical that localized call numbers or intelligent call routing are used to improve customer engagement and service delivery.

At Online Communications, as communication specialists and online consumers, we believe the real customer engagement journey only starts when an ‘emotional’ connection is made; either by phone or in person.

If you are a Project Home builder and would like to partner with a telecommunications company that understands today’s multi-channel customer environment, contact us for a free onsite consultation.